Sep 4, 2014

I know these days will go by

জানি গো, দিন যাবে এ দিন যাবে
Jaani go din jaabe

I know these days will go by
One day after the noon is gone
A dusky sun will smile sadly
And look at me for the last time

A flute will be heard by the wayside
Along the riverbank, cows will graze
Kids will play in the courtyard
Birds will burst into song
Yet those days too will go by

Before I go, I have one plea
Let me know why I was summoned
To this verdant earth
Her gaze uplifted to the skies
Why did the silence of the night
Speak to me of the stars
Why did the radiance of the day
Buoy my heart so
I plead with you to let me know

When my time here is up
Let me at the end of my song
Pause at the right note
Let me fill my basket
With the bounties of all the seasons
Let me see you in the glow of this life
Let me give you my garland
When my time here is up

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