Sep 6, 2014

Your eyes have pleaded with me to sing

তোমার  নয়ন আমায় বারে বারে
Tomaar noyon aamaay baare bare

Your eyes have pleaded with me
Time and again to sing a song
They have sent a hint
In many a flower, many a star
On the brink of night and day
In ashen light and pitch darkness

Why did I not sing, how do I tell
Why am I so perplexed
My words gets lost in pain
My tunes get lost in endless shores

Plying the deep currents
You summoned me from the raft
You called out in storm and tempest
In thunderous claps of mute clouds
You beckoned me towards death
In the restless deluge of monsoon nights

Do you not know why I did not go
I sit at the quay gazing out for you
How do I find a way through the sea 

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