Sep 14, 2014

My leave has been granted

পেয়েছি ছুটি, বিদায় দেহ ভাই
Peyechhi chhuti

My leave has been granted
Bid me farewell, my friends
I pay my respect to one and all
I return the keys to the door
No more claims have I to make
I seek today your words as grace
I was your neighbour for many days
I received much more than I gave
Night gives way to the dawn
The corner lamp blows out
I hear the summons
And so I move on

1 comment:

  1. I have translated a few of my own favorites (Tagore & Sukumar Ray).
    I do not want to indulge in "One-up man ship". My intentions are obvious - here goes this one -

    Grant me your leave and bid me good bye
    Allow me to treasure this tie.

    I give back my keys and lay no more claims
    To the room that I did occupy.

    Together for long did we live
    Grabbed more than I ever could give.

    Broken into dawn has the night, the lamp can no longer shed light
    There's a call to which I must now reply.