Sep 13, 2014

Silent is the night entranced by moonlight

নীরব রজনী দেখো মগ্ন জোছনায়
Nirob rojoni dekho magno

Silent is the night entranced by moonlight
Softly, softly, ever so softly sing
The night sings a sleepy lullaby
Let your voice blend in her’s

Charmed by the magic of night
Lulled by the sea of silence
Immersed is the world in sleep
Let no eager impassioned tune
Stir a ripple in tranquil seas

Still, so still is the river
She drifts into sleep
With each caress of the breeze
If by chance in her sleep
Touching the shore with a kiss
She is startled herself with the sound
So I say, softly, softly, ever so softly
Let your voice blend with the night

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