Oct 18, 2011

Lavish cascades of sunshine

আলোকের এই ঝর্ণাধারায় ধুইয়ে দাও
Aloker ei jhornadharay
(Audio: Arundhati Holme Chowdhury and Shivaji Chattopadhyay)

Lavish cascades of sunshine
Purifying my layers of dust
Opening me to my aura.

Rouse my muse who slumbers
With your gentle sunlit wand.
Soften my soul with a drift
Limpid with this light of dawn,
Flowing from the cosmic heart.

Lavish cascades of happiness
That mellows every creation
Bathe my pallor, melt my chill.

I hold a silent seed of song.
It grapples with a dearth of words
It aches with a beat-less lull.
Soften it with a lilting tune
A drift, entranced with melody
Flowing from the cosmic heart.

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