Oct 29, 2011

This world of happiness

আনন্দলোকে মঙ্গলালোকে
Anondoloke Mongolaloke (audio)

This world of happiness
This world of well-being
Grace it with your presence
You who are the ultimate truth
You who are the ever beauteous

Your majesty manifests
Across the vast firmament
Like an anklet studded with
Precious stones and prized jewels
Lies the cosmos at Your feet

The sun, moon, stars and planets
With eagerly anxious haste
Bask in Your iridescence
Soak Your boundless radiance

Cascades of your soft sweet grace
Gush forth and deluge the earth
In a kaleidoscope of
Flowers and leaves
Songs and sonnets

Life flows on ever anew
Your compassion caressing
Our lives from cradle to grave

Love, affection and mercy
Piety, hope, faith untold
Mellow and soften our souls
A downpour of sweet solace
You rain to pacify pain

What festivities and joy
Reign forever in Your realm
The world sings Your glory great
In fearless refuge at Your feet
You who are our treasure and wealth
You who encompass all of this earth

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