Oct 4, 2011

The music of homecoming

ছুটির বাঁশি বাজল 
Chhutir baanshi bajlo je oi
Audio: Suchitra Mitra

The sky is alive with
The music of homecoming
In gaits of the golden flute.
Why am I alone, I wonder.

Blossoms of Shiuli will soon
Burst out from fetters,
Gardens surge in a spree of buds,
Dewy winds stroke the arbors.
My absent gaze
Ambles away in an open sky,
Tunes lost to me.

Magical hands weave florid yarns
In pathways through the wilderness,
A place where light and shade meet.
Fallen buds of Maaloti steep the grass
With tear-stricken scents,
Waves of Kaash in buoyant whites
Sweep the blue. My absent gaze
Ambles away in open sky
Tracing the melody.

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