Jan 5, 2012

Hear, o hear their cries of distress

সকাতরে ওই কাঁদিছে সকলে
shokatore oi kandichhe shokole

Hear, o hear their cries of distress
Whisper words of hope O Father
Tell each one of good times to come
Herald happy tidings to every soul

They live in dread and disquiet
Clinging on to their slightest hope
Lost is the little they possess
Hearts refusing to be consoled

In pursuit of happiness
They wander helter skelter
Chasing mirages in this desert

Hours slip by, play comes to an end
Descends the darkness of dusk
Weeps the anxious heart
Quivering in fright

What will be? O Maker!
What will come of it all?
Where, if at all is peace?
Bequeath yourself to us
Satiate all expectation
Come into our embrace

- circa 1883

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