Jan 26, 2012

The graceful lotus smiles

অমল কমল সহজে জলের কোলে
*Omolo komolo shohoje jolero kole

The graceful lotus smiles in lap of waters
In harmony so sound
Not the least anxious of finding home
Vainly, on the ground

Let me bloom with the same graceful smile
Fearless, in your midst, my divine
My buds of worship, with a thousand laughter
Flowering abound

Let me not ask the way towards you,
Let me not ask anyone
Let me simply be at ease within you
Wherever I may turn

If I wander in your haven in the sky
Your blissful tide of light will kiss me by
Your gentle drift will, like the closest friend
Hug me all around

*An attempt has been made to restore the same rhythm as the original.

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