Jan 11, 2012

Your breeze unbridled

তোমার খোলা হাওয়া
Tomar khola hawa

Unfurling sails to your breeze unbridled
Unfastening my boat from its moors
Tearing away all its tethers
I am willing to sink and go under

The morning goes by in vain
Dusk too follows in its wake
Do not, o please do not keep me
Chained to the shore

I keep awake through night and day
For the One who will steer my boat
While the waves toy with me
Keep tossing me around

The storm I will befriend
Fearing not the frown of its brow
O, let me go, let me now go
I’d breathe a sigh of relief
If only I could find a gale


  1. "tearing away tethers" phrase is courtesy Suman Dasgupta whose own version is as follows:

    Your breath of fresh air do I
    Catch on as I set sail my boat
    All tethers prepared am I to tear
    Ready am I to drown,
    O ready I am for it today.

    My morning have I whiled away
    And my evening was all but the same ---
    O hold not me now
    That am I so near my end.

    Now am I wide awake
    All along my night
    Hoping to steal a glance
    Of You, O dear oarsman.
    While these waves
    With all their contempt
    Keep on swaying my mind.

    Will I embrace even a tempest
    My resolve not wilt at its frown
    Do let me fly like a kite
    Like Your gust let me be blown.

  2. I have uploaded this song on youtube:
    where I have used Sri Suman Dasgupta's translation for non-Bengalee people to get the meaning of the song. Thank you.