Jan 25, 2012

Unaware, I heeded a grim call

অকারণে অকালে মোর পড়ল যখন ডাক
*Awkarone okaale mor porlo jokhon daak (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

Don't know why, unaware, I heard a clarion call
When restfully I lay down and slumbered
I found the world wonder-struck in a starlit nightfall
Nature lay still in darkness encumbered

My beloved ones, anxiously, they cried,
'How could you find a trail in this night?'
I answered back, 'I could travel with my own light,
I have with me the flame of golden amber'

The more the lantern shone with might, it did my mind confound
A blatant boldness blinding me of reason
Casting shades and fallacies and fantasies around
Figments of the truth lost me my vision

The more I hastened with my ghastly pride
The more the grime blotted out my sight
The gust swept over, off and on, fluttering went the light
On my way, it riddled me with treason.

All at once, branches in the jungle struck my face
All at once, my lamp had died in smudge.
So I found I'd lost my trail -- so long ago, in haze,
So I found the darkest night loom large.

I wept in sorrow, crying out in shame,
'I have in me no strength left to proclaim'
But as I turned around, I found, he had come my way,
My friend of life, in all my misadventure

*An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm

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