Jan 25, 2012

I’ve dug out a path in my heart

আমি হৃদয়েতে পথ কেটেছি
ami hridoyete poth ketechhi

I’ve dug out a path in my heart
In hope that you will come that way
And so it throbs weighed down with pain
It trembles with a violent quake

You travel the paths paved with pain
Your feet kiss and comfort all ache
And so I seek you with my tears
Forevermore through all my days

I fear not the deluge of tears
I fear it no more
Tugging at me with deathly force
It will take me over the seas
I will drift across to the shore

The gale sings with an anxious note
As it blows towards you in this storm
Let my raft sink, I’ll jump right in
And be swept to your feet
To be saved at your feet

- 23rd August 1914

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