Sep 6, 2013

Brown, indigenous child

Ogo shaontali chhele (audio)

Brown, indigenous child,
As enchanting as the
Juvenile, opaque, emerald season
I discover you,
Unfolding your heart
Through rustic tunes, an earthly flute,
Hovering beyond plush meadows,
Opulent groves
Like a rain-messenger

Monsoon clouds,
Misted with cobalt blue
Elbow in from the east
Deepening your dark skin.

The sun's gorgeousness reflects
On your sparse, buff wear.

You fascinate me
With your silent treasure
-- a bud of monsoon,
Left at my doorstep
In quiet affinity

My monsoon melodies
Hover in the sky
Like a flight of swans,
Voicing your tunes

Our hearts meet
Through the tempest
In the tossing Tomaal,
Walking down with the beat
Immersed in cloudy shadows.

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