Sep 13, 2013

The day my heart cracks open

সে দিনে আপদ আমার যাবে কেটে
Shey dine apod amar jabe kete (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

The day my heart cracks open
With unstoppable glee,
I will be released

From then on, your fragrance,
Your nectar will pour out of me
Revealing your unmistakable impression
However one may claim my own

The universe has long been
Eyeing me,
Expecting epiphanies
And now the meaning of it all
Springs to mind

The world has it's ways
Of knowing
How each cell of my being
Harbors seeds of endless bliss

And so the stupendous suspense
To hear a radiant leaf awaken,
To catch its exalted expression

It is the moment my ego dies,
It is the moment I am set free.


  1. আপদ আমার যাবে কেটে ... not sure whether it meant death ... did not understand this poem

    1. we can discuss it in the forum. I think it relates to a spiritual awareness