Sep 21, 2013

The give and take

দেওয়া নেওয়া ফিরিয়ে-দেওয়া
Dewa newa phiriye dewa

The give and take
The giving it all back
This game between you and me
Goes on through the ages
Can death put an end to it?

When I awake to your song
When I look for you in the skies
You cascade down to earth
In the song on my Ektara*

The glittering gold of your light
I repay the debt with flowers
That bloom on my dark soil

When my arbour of Shefali blossoms
Is drunk with fragrance on an autumn night
It tugs then at your skies
To shower down later a tune
In the loving drizzle of a monsoon night.

Ektara* - a one stringed lute

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