Nov 8, 2011

Sweet yet is separation

বিরহ মধুর হল আজি মধুরাতে
birawho modhuro holo aaji (audio)

Sweet yet is separation
In this night so enchanting
Plays a melody profound
Strumming the pain deep within

An anxious thirst
A restless yen
A desire invisible
Pervades this Poornima night
And deludes my perception
With a piteous mirage

Adrift on a balmy breeze
A fragrance from far beyond
Wanders into my being
Tosses, turns, twirls around
A wayfarer lost and forlorn

Whose plaintive voice do I hear?
In the music of murmurs
To the rhythm of rustles
The sweet symphony of leaves
Tinkles with it my anklet
Pulsating to the same beat

(another version by Anondo)

A heartache sweet with sorrow
A night flushed with moonlight
To catch a fleeting glance
sleepless eyes
are easily deceived

A sinuous fragrance from faraway
weighs down the breeze
My journey is lost in trance

Whispering webs of leaves
brings alive a lyrical message
with a beat
Ankle-bells rebound within

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