Oct 19, 2009

My golden Bengal

আমার সোনার বাংলা
amar shonar Bangla (audio)

I love you dearly, my golden Bengal
Your skies and your air forever
Fill my heart with the resonance of a flute

The wondrous smells

Of the mango orchards thrill me in spring
And in the harvest
I behold the lush paddy fields

Sway like gentle smiles

I have witnessed such beauty, depth

And tenderness in you
In the shades that you gently spread
Across the river banks
And beneath the mighty trees!

And when you speak,
Your words enchant my being
And when you cry,
I can not withhold my tears.

(Another version by Rumela Sengupta)

I love you dearly, my golden Bengal
Your sky, your breeze play on my breath
Play evermore the flute of bliss

O mother,
In spring, fosters fervent frenzy
Fragrance of your mango blossoms
O mother,
In autumn, what is it I glimpse
Sweet smile in your fields of plenty

What grace, what shades,
what affection, what compassion
Which blanket spread have you
Beneath the banyan trees,
Besides banks of rivers.

O mother,
like music to my ears
are words from your mouth
O mother,
if unkempt be your form
aflood am I in tears.

Spent my childhood have I
in your kindergarten
Bathed in your soil and dust
Honoured has been my life

At end of day, in dusk's twilight
What lamps you light in home and hearth
Then leaving all my play
O mother, I run to your lap

In your fields where cows graze
In your quays that ferry across
In your umbrageous village roads
That resound with bird song all day
In your courtyard lush with paddy
Pass the days of my life.

O mother
my kin and brothers all
Your cowherd, your farmer
O mother
I bow my head to you
Bless me with dust from your feet
Let it be the jewel of my crown

O mother
Little treasure of this poor self
Bequeath all will I at your feet
Buy will I not at foreign hands
In guise of ornaments,
a death noose for your neck.


  1. Love this translation, which captured the essence of the composition in easy flowing English verses.

  2. Canyou provide the notations for this song in english?