Oct 29, 2009

The night it was that the storm

যে রাতে মোর দুয়ারগুলি
jey raatey more duar guli  (audio)

The night it was, that the storm, broke open my doors
Knew I not, it was you, who came into my home
A darkness came down, all around
The lights went out, one after one
Reached out my hands to the sky, to whom knew I not
Curled up I lay, in the dark, as if in a dream
Your victory sign, was the storm, how could I know
In morning light, see did I, there you were standing
In the emptiness of my room, taking your place.

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar:

On the raging night of troubled dark
When all my guards fell apart
I did not know, I did not see
In the carnage, you had come to me.

All my world was blue and bleak,
All my beacons, dimmed and weak.
Whom did I affirm as I
Splayed my arms across the sky?

I did not know, I had not seen,
The tempest braced your flag of win,
As I dropped with sinking shame
I hoped this was my darkest dream.

When at dawn I rose, I woke
In remnants of a deathly stroke.
Bewildered, I found, you stood there
Brimming up my empty lair.

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