Oct 25, 2009

On such a day can I tell someone

এমন দিনে তারে বলা যায়
emono diney taarey bawla jaay

On such a day can I tell someone
In such a dark and dense downpour
On such a day, can I bare my soul
Amidst the rumbling roar of clouds,
this unceasing drizzle of rain,
this sun bereft deep duskiness

None other there be, to hear those words
In seclusion and solitude
Face to face be, the two of us
Heavy of heart in deep sorrow
Incessant tears streaking the skies
None other there be, as if it were.

Worldly matters, pretence they are
Deception, is the daily din
Gazing into each other’s eyes
Sipping sweet nectar from therein
One heart reaching out to another
All else fades into the dark

Offence is it, to anyone
Unburden my heart, if I can
In this deluge, once if I can,
Sit down in a quiet little nook
Few words if I say to the one
Matter does it, to anyone?

The wind speeds in desperation
Lightning flashes from time to time
Those words that have, in this lifetime
Still remained within, in my mind
Those are the words that I may tell
Today in this dark and dense downpour

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