Oct 20, 2009

Sorrow persists death befalls

আছে দুঃখ আছে মৃত্যু
aachhey dukkho, aachhey mrityu  (audio)

Sorrow persists,
death befalls,
separation singes.
Yet there is peace,
yet there is joy,
yet stirs the Infinite within

Yet there is the eternal flow of life,
beaming sun, smiling moon and stars
Yet arrives spring, bringing to bowers,
a wondrous spray of hues and colours

Where there is an ebb, so is there a tide
When droops a flower, blooms yet another

Where there is neither loss, nor an end, no, not even weariness
At the altar of that abundance, my heart seeks an abode.

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar:

Even as life resonates
With sadness and death,
Even as bridges are burned
And longing, heartbreaks seethe within,
There is a ring of bliss and solace,
An endlessness
Felt, touched and beheld in this earth.

Life is fluid and teeming,
The sun, moon and stars illuminant with joy.
There is a riot of burgeoning tones
As spring sprawls and shimmers.

Each ebbing wave is retouched by a new,
Every wilting bud gives way to a fresh bloom.

There is no decay, no end,
Nothing depleted at the grand source.
My soul seeks its rest in this richness
At the altar of divine bounty.


  1. Excellent! loved reading it. Great job!

  2. Khub bhalo laglo translation . Ami Rabindranath nie ektu likhi . I am trying to do some writing in my facebook page but this is wonderfully done and very useful too. If I refer to any of these I will seek your permission and definitely acknowledge.