Oct 19, 2009

This inner self of mine

অন্তর মম বিকশিত কর
Awntawro mawmo bikoshito kawro
This inner self of mine, make it flourish, 

Oh inner Lord of mine
Make it pure, make it luminous, make it beautiful
Make it aware, make it astir, make it free from fear
Make it good, make it clear of indolence and disbelief

Connect to each and every one, set free from bindings
Instill in each and every action, the serenity of your rhythm
At your lotus feet, make still, the beating of my heart
Make me dwell in beauty, make me full of beauty, make me one with beauty.

- 11th Dec 1907

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  1. Rumela

    Excellent translation .

    When do u plan to translate all these in hard cover ?

    best wishes

    asoke das sarma