Oct 23, 2009

Doe that in my fantasy forest do glide

মায়াবনবিহারিণী হরিণী
mayabonobiharini horini

Doe who in my fantasy forest do glide
In deepest dreams does she reside,
Why do I pledge to ensnare? … Illusion

Afar, rapt on her own, let her remain,
Let me in tune to the flute’s refrain
Sweet strings of her soul do caress … Fruitless

The winds of spring will ruffle the heart
The murmur of thunder will make it start
Yearning soul will beguile … 

From afar for her forever will I pine,
With the thread of severance will entwine,
This strange captivity sans chain … In vain

To view the rap version of the first stanza click here

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