Aug 7, 2010

Rejoice in the show of color

চাহিয়া দেখো রসের স্রোতে

Rejoice in the show of color
   submerged in streaming vibes,
     gifts that are useless
       when you pine to possess them.

Things you seek to enmesh, keep
 are habitually lost in darkness.
     This is music for the heart
                     made of poetic, tuneful substance.

        This is celestial food
        That can not be touched nor scaled.

         Taste this divinity
            From rippling rivers, efflorescent forests,
            and miraculous smiles
            that well up in loving eyes,
            and realize how free they are.


  1. I thought "muktoroope" meant formless (on the lines of nirgun, nirakar)

  2. I wouldn't know, many expressions convey diverse thoughts to readers possibly ... keeping in line with 'do not try to keep beauty in your possession' theme of the song, I considered it as a reminder that all things that give us bliss and beauty do not have to be possessed, for they naturally come as free ..