Aug 11, 2010

A tryst with you tonight in this storm

আজি ঝড়ের রাতে তোমার অভিসার
aji jhorer raatey tomaar obhishaar (audio)
(Tagore's own translation)

A tryst with you tonight in this storm
My friend and soul-mate

The skies cry out in despair
Sleep, it has forsaken my eyes
I open the gate, my dear one
I gaze out time and again

I see nothing through the darkness
I wonder which path you are on
Beyond which distant river bank
Beside which deep dense dark forest
In which fathomless darkness
Are you weaving your way to me


  1. poran-shokha keno life-partner? life = praan bole?
    kintu life-partner bolte English e ja bojhay, ta to
    thik bojhano hoy ni, poran-shokha ekhane hridoy-shokha noy?

  2. At first, I did "friend, philosopher and guide"

  3. Perhaps 'soul-mate' would be closer in meaning to 'poran shokha'. However, I also wanted to thank you for all the beautiful translations. This is a great contribution. Thank You!