Aug 14, 2010

Let all my love reach out

ধায় যেন মোর সকল ভালোবাসা
dhaay jeno mor shokol bhalobasha
(audio: Sagar Sen)

a translation (meant for rendition in English):

Loving grace
Let all my love reach out to you
To you my lord, to you my soul, to you my world.

Heart of mine let it stray, let it soar
Showing up at your summon, as you call
Free my chains, every fetter of mine
Oh lord, with your test, with your sway, with your haul

When I am small, begging your assistance
Deplete my purse, free me of this weakness
Let my heart secretly abound
Oh lord, with your hand, with your gift, with your gold

My dear friend, in my heart so secret
In my life, all the beauty I have met
Let them sing, in harmony with you
Oh lord, with your notes, with your song, with your soul.

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