Aug 14, 2010

Friend what is this anxiety

সখী, ভাবনা কাহারে বলে
shokhi bhabona kaharey boley

Friend, what is this anxiety
Friend, what is this agony
What is this love, love, love
That you speak of night and day
Is it just full of agony.

Is it just a drop of tear
Is it just a sigh of woe
In pursuit of which happiness
Do folks indulge in such sadness

Beauty in all, my eye beholds
All is youthful all is flawless,
Blue skies, green woods
Milky moonlight, tender blossoms
All akin to me.

They only laugh, they only sing
In laughter and play, wish to end
Neither know sorrow, nor know tears
Not know agony of longing.

Blossom withers away smiling
Fades luminous moonlight in smiles
Smilingly surrender themselves
In ocean of light, stars in sky

Happy as me, who is
Come friend come, come to me
Joyous songs of a joyful heart
Harken and soothe your soul

If each day is only to weep
Let this be the one day you smile
To forget sorrow for one day
To sing together all of us


  1. My 12-year old daughter, fascinated by the song, attempted this free-text translation. An adventure of words only a young mind can attempt..could not resist posting it here with minor edits..

    Comrade, what is this worry?
    Explain, the meaning of pain, oh friend!
    Day in day out you all speak of love
    Define it to me - is it only pain?
    Does it only bring tears to shed,
    Is it only a fragrance of sorrow?
    Why do you all indulge in such a luxury of pain..?

    In my eyes it's all beautiful
    All golden and fair and bright .. 
    The blue sky the green woodlands
    The pale moonlight and the warm sunshine
    They are all alike to me
    They laugh sing and play all along
    Like the flowers that shed their petals laughing

    The moonlight laughs and fades away
    The sea of lights overflows with laughter
    The stars look down from their abode and smile

    But there's none so joyful as me
    Come friend, come to me
    The joyous song from the heart of the joyful 
    Will fill you with joyous peace..

    You cry your heart out all day and night 
    Come laugh and enjoy it's charm this day
    Leave behind the melancholy past, come dear
    Come join me in my joyful song..

  2. S.S. Anam, Dhaka.BD.February 20, 2015 at 10:16 AM

    Wonderful effort by the 12 year old daughter of Mr. Amitabha Mitra. Wonder why the name of this 'Girl Wonder' is missing ???