Aug 8, 2010

This day of Sravan you arrive

আজি শ্রাবণ-ঘন-গহন-মোহে
aji Sraabon ghono gohon mohe
(Tagore's own translation)

This day of Sravan*, you arrive,
In deep, dense clouds,
Your footsteps, clandestine,
Silent, like the night --
Unseen to all.
The morning has dimmed,
The winds call out in vain,
Clouds, impermeable,
Veil a blue, lucid sky.
Birds speechless in the woods,
All doors shut
Who are you, solo traveler --
Walking this lonely path,
Lone friend, my love,
Open is my door,
Mindless, do not pass me by
Like a reverie.

*Sravan is the second month of the rainy season in Bengal, the fourth month of the Bengali calendar

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