Aug 27, 2010

In that Sravan sky placed have I

আমি শ্রাবণ-আকাশে ওই দিয়েছি পাতি
ami srabono akashey oi

In that Sravan* sky placed have I
My eyes brimming with tears in clouds
Across the horizon of schism
The whole night awake sans a wink

One who is out of sight
For that one is this gaze
His locks caress my dreams
Blowing in eastern winds.

In Tamal* tree forests
On the path that he left,
In that dusk of separation
Amidst dust of cows homeward bound,
The grass is wrapped in agony
Trembling with every breath
That gazing back time and again
Remains woven in the shadows

*Sravan is the second month of the rainy season in Bengal
*Tamal is a tree of dark colour

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