Jun 26, 2011

In darkness, the lonely man

আঁধার রাতে একলা পাগল যায় কেঁদে
Andhar rate ekla pagol jay kende (audio: Suchitra Mitra)

 In  darkness, the lonely man
 The crazed seeker, questions hard,
`Won't you explain, soul of light,
 My dear mother, my sun, my dawn,
 Why you unleash  the inky dark
 Why you hold back your face
 How you sorely break my heart!'

`What magic do you articulate
 Through the glowing sunset-streak
 In bleeding sonnets of twilight?'

`Till now, I have learned by heart
Your deep, melodic harmony
In the lilting, loving flute of life.
I sense how the moment has come
Now, to master the lute of death
At your finishing grand concert.'

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