Jun 26, 2011

As darkness descends

আঁধার এল ব’লে
Andhar elo bole
Audio: Purba Daam

As darkness descends
Homes come live with light.
By day I had cast my eyes away,
But at night, I fathomed,
I knew, whose play of life
Danced within the rhythm of my heart. 
My sleepless mind warbled with songs
Ever so often, like birds at dawn.
When all bustle turned to silence,
The spring drift gently stirred me awake
With the rippling murmur of leaves.

(another version by Rumela)

Here it comes, the darkness
The lamps have thus been lit

What I had forgotten in daylight
I recognise in the dark of night
I know who it is that plays
In the way my heart sways

Birdsong lilts now and then
In my woods bereft of sleep

When all is stilled
The spring breeze arouses me
With the murmur of leaves

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