Jun 7, 2011

When you came, did you not regard

চিনিলে না আমারে কি
Chinile na amare ki

When you came, did you not regard,
I was here, in a dim corner
Lost in contemplation?
Viewing none, did you turn back?

How close you were at my doors!
With the slightest touch
My gates could fling open
To let you in.
But my fate overturned

For just that bit.

That tempestous night, I waited

And counted moments for you,
But the storm drowned every sound
Of your majestic approach!
Beneath a clamorous sky
I had braced myself in fright.
Was it then, for my trepidation
That the lightning wrote 
Its curse on me, with fire!

Another version by Suman Dasgupta

Were you here, yet not notice me?
I was there in that unlit corner
Immersed in myriad thoughts
Perhaps you waited, then seeing none left.
If you were so close by my door
You could have gently touched it
And it would have flung open soon.
Such was my ill-luck that I
Missed you by a thin whisker.

Was counting moments
On a stormy night.
That roar could have drowned
The sounds of your chariot.
Afraid I had clutched my bosom
As the thunder rolled and shook the earth.
Was it then that the strike of lightening
Had written this evil curse for me?

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