Nov 18, 2011

My timeless friend, my sole shelter

চিরবন্ধু চিরনির্ভর চিরশান্তি
Chirobondhu chironirbhoro chiroshaanti (audio: Dwijen Mekhopadhyay)

My timeless friend, my sole shelter,
My deepest solace, my love
You are a fountain of beneficance
A well of wholesomeness,
You are my endless companion.

You lavish a cascade of compassion
You reign in my heart.
In your very earth, 
An endless music resonates with your glory
Every moment, day and night.

(another version by Rumela)

You are O Lord forever
My friend, my guide, my peace

You are forever the source of well-being
The constant companion my whole life long

O Lord of my heart
You are the fountain of love forever
Your world sings your glorious song 
Forever through night and day

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