Nov 14, 2011

Shower your sun on the sightless

অন্ধজনে দেহো আলো
Ondho jone deho alo
audio: Maya Sen

Shower your sun on the sightless
Lavish your breath on the dead.
You are a magical river of love,
let your grace water my heart.

My breath has been sapped,
my eyes turned to ice,
move me to tears
with your loving bliss.

Embrace he, who lost you
contain the confused heart.
Refresh my thirst
with your nectarine tenderness.

I found you once
but I lost you with my indifference
When did I fall asleep?

As I rise, all is dark.
I can not divulge my tears,
I have failed to soothe my thirst.

For eternity,
I have not heard you speak
I have sorely missed
your loving voice

Will you accept my suffering,
and show up,
will you surprise my lonely heart?

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