Nov 21, 2011

My heart heard a whisper

নিশীথে কী কয়ে গেল মনে 
Nisheethe ki koye gyalo mone
Audio: Hemanta Mukherjee

My heart heard a whisper
Maybe in my wakefulness,
Maybe, my slumber
It was dark.

As I travel, or pause,
My day meshed in hustle,
Chores, judgements,
Tumble down my path

Yet, the secret speaks to me
In silence, ever so often,
Like a chant, like a dream.

I am unsure
If this feels like a strange hurt
If it is a chill of fear
Or victory

I listen to the quiet voice
Echo, 'Stop here,'
In swerving tunes, whisper,
'Far you go!'

Could it be
A resonance in my heart
Or the sky ladling songs?

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