Nov 21, 2011

The small world I live in

অল্প লইয়া থাকি 
Olpo loiya thaki tai
Audio: Subinoy Roy

In the small world I live  in
My losses, deprivations
Seem fateful.
I mourn the smallest sacrifice
That comes my way.

I am like the river-shore
That tries to own
Every passing drift
Yet the waves come up to me,
Break my heart, and heave away

What I may have
And what I may not
Are all riches for you to keep
Why can't I see, nothing is lost
In your prodigious cosmos?

How many moons and suns
You contain, my lord,
How many grains and atoms
Are in your command,
And yet, nothing is ever lost
However small
In your safekeeping.

Won't the little that I lose
Find a space to fill, too,
In your magnum opus,
At your grand seat?

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