Nov 24, 2011

I shall bow to you, in loving humility

আজি প্রণমি তোমারে চলিব 
 Aji pronomi tomare (audio: Sagar Sen)

I shall bow to you, in loving humility
Through my enmeshed existence
Let us hold our gaze for eternity,
Let us speak, heart to heart

Remind me, how your essence within
Makes my spirit a sovereign god
When sin seeks to enter my gateway
Let it blaze and die, with bashfulness

Through a barrage of enterprise,
A world of combative vibes,
Invoke your beautiful calm
The music of perpetual fusion.
Let your eloquence and personality
Shine through the faces of others I meet

Suffuse my eyes and words,
My actions and thoughts, with beneficence
Make magnificent melodies
With my heart

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