Nov 24, 2011

The black of the sky is impregnable

নিবিড় ঘন আঁধারে   জ্বলিছে ধ্রুবতারা
Nibiro ghono aa(n)dhare jolichhe dhrubotara (audio: Srabani Sen)

The black of the sky is impregnable,
But the North star penetrates the dark
My soul, just yet, do not lose heart!

As ache clings to your being,
Do not let sorrow fetter your song 
Release falsehoods
To celebrate eternal fruition

Believe in life,
Let hope shine
Feel the nuzzle of mother Earth,
Let her revoke your love

In a worldly labyrinth
Surrender to the aches and elation
With an imperturbable smile,
Treasuring an eternal elixir
Born of the supreme source

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