Apr 20, 2012

I put my heart to worldly matters

আমি সংসারে মন দিয়েছিনু
ami shongshare mon diyechhinu

I put my heart to worldly matters
You took away my heart yourself
In asking for joy I sought woe
You called it woe but gave me joy
It is your mercy that you gave me woe

The heart that scattered itself in a thousand places
Striving after a thousand selfish aims
You gathered it all up and bound it with devotion
You gathered it from a thousand places
You gathered it up from the dirt

You made me roam from pillar to post
In search of happiness
Now you make me understand
How very much you are my very own
You make me understand
You came into my heart to make me understand
Who you are to me, you make me understand

You compassion leads whom down which path to where
All at once I opened my eyes and saw you’d brought me to your door
I knew not, down which path you brought me, I knew not

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