Apr 13, 2012

What has temptation led you to?

কী করিলি মোহের ছলনে
ki korili moher chhalane

What has temptation led you to?
You left your home to wander in foreign lands
You lost your way in remoteness
The hours go by
Darkness creeps in
Clouds loom in the sky

This weary body can walk no more
Thorns prick at the sole
The heart cries out to go home
How do I return?

“Tell me the way”, “Tell me the way”
I know not to whom I call in the dense darkness
The friends I had, have all gone
Who’d want to linger in these woods?
Go to the universal Friend!
Why waste your time wailing in vain?

Back home awaits your Mother
She calls out from the door
Let me go to her, and fall at her feet
My eyes are blinded by the dust of the road
They look out yet cannot see
Where are you Mother? Where are you?
From where do you call out to me?
Taking my hand in yours, lead me to your sweet abode

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