Apr 16, 2012

An endless stream of messages

কোন্‌ সুদূর হতে আমার মনোমাঝে
Kon shudur hote (audio: Argho Sen)

An endless stream of messages
Penetrates my heart,
Breaks into my breath,
Bewildering me no end
Words I occasionally hear,
And sometimes fail to,
Words secretly whispered
With hushed eloquence

Melodies that blissfully buzz
Through my bustle and sleep,
Through my tears
Submerged in a well of songs
Concealed in my subterranean layers

Tunes that emerge and sink
Skirting untouched, shadowy coasts
Of lonely, deep seas within

Music that peaks and falls,
Like lapping waves
Woven by magical southern drifts.
Matchmakers of earth and stars
Crafting out my paradise on the soil

Pleasure molds with the deepest pain
And tearfully whispers,
'This is not what I desire,
Oh no, this is not my dream!'

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