Apr 13, 2012

Time tinkles its cymbals

দুই হাতে কালের মন্দিরা যে সদাই বাজে
Dui haate kaaler mondira (audio)

Time tinkles its cymbals
To the heartbeat of an eternal music
And so the wave dissolves all stupor
Waking up a whirl of dance within

It knells out from discord
Lilting from buds and thorns
Quivering in the sun and in shade
Heaving in tide and in ebb
Pounding in the heart, and in life
With each smile, every tear, every anguish

The same quake keeps the sea of images
Alive and dancing, from dawn to dusk.
Inspired by the never-ending combat
Of black and white, contrasting
Measures rise, break and transform
Into a rainbow of tones.

Learn this melody by heart
And resonate,
Resonate with your smiles and hurt
Listen to life and death call out to you
Together, in voices of the thunder-drum

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