Apr 12, 2012

Through night and day with utmost care

দিবানিশি করিয়া যতন
dibanishi koriya joton

Through night and day with utmost care
I’ve carved a seat for you in my heart
O Lord of the world,
Be so kind to come this way

This seat is very secluded
Far from all cacophony
I’ve cleaned with great care
This secret abode of my heart

Neither lamps nor the sun and moon
Illuminate it with their rays
Only you, my Lord, will flood it with light

Far away is flighty desire
Far away is raucous merriment
Pride and egoistic sentiment have fled afar

It is only happiness who sits sans words
To offer worship as your priest
He’ll sit in silence and wash your feet with his tears
He’ll stay awake at the door alone with his eyes awash

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