Apr 15, 2012

With countless lamps in hand

হাতে লয়ে দীপ অগণন
haatey loye deep

With countless lamps in hand
Whose royal throne is it?
That creation circumambulates

Millions of people all around
With their joys, woes and grief
Gaze upon His feet evermore

The sun keeps telling Him
“Look upon me once,
I’ll flood the earth with light”

The moon sings to Him
“Look upon me with a smile, O Lord,
I’ll spread the sweetness of the full moon night”

The cloud sings at His feet
“Bestow Your kindness, O Lord,
I’ll give shade and showers of rain”

Spring sings in each moment
“Give me Your assurance,
I’ll fill the bare branches with fruit and flower”

Men and women say with folded hands
“Deluge our hearts with Your love,
We’ll spread affection throughout the world”

“Fulfil, O fulfil our longings”
Relentlessly to whom calls out
The wordless voice of this world

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