Apr 19, 2012

I’ll tell you no more of my woes

দুখের কথা তোমায় বলিব না
dukher kotha tomay bolibo na

I’ll tell you no more of my woes
Blessed by your touch, I’ve forgotten all pain
I live in joyous content with what you have given

This pleasant world is an abode of happiness
That I am here is a sign of your affection
Your sun and moon emanate a sweet radiance
Each new dawn brings new smiles to the gardens
Each night shines in the glow of
   the planets and stars in your assembly

A mother’s love and the fond favour of friends
Shower sweet nectar in a thousand streaks
The sweetness of this world made sweeter by love
Fills me with the bliss of divine nectar

Puny we are, yet we know not death
In you we have a refuge of fearlessness
Diminishes all sorrow at the sight of your feet

May love keep expanding each day
May the spirit’s thirst be quenched each day
May I be infused with new life
May I be stirred with new hope
In each year ever anew

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