May 22, 2011

Here it is, your summer tempest

হৃদয় আমার, ওই বুঝি তোর
Hridoy amar oi bujhi tor

Oh heart of mine!
Here it is, your summer tempest
Crashing through all barricades
With a joyous wild abandon

Awe-inspiring your Prince Charming
Screens the skies, his locks aflutter
So treasured your beloved One
Comes in raging calamity

Bereft of melody your breeze
Simmered in a sultry silence
Arid and athirst mother earth
Hungered for a cool sip of rain

Arouse now from your deep despair
Shake off your languor, come hither
Your companion, mate of your road
Comes in so raucous a laughter

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