May 7, 2011

I will not light a lamp

আমি জ্বালব না মোর বাতায়নে
 Ami jalbo na mor batayone (audio)

I will not light a lamp
At my windows,
I will sit still
And listen to the deep message
Which fills the heart of darkness.

If my body and soul diminish in the dark,
Let the fragrance of my tears stay hidden
In the blossom which unfolds secretly within.

A full heart of mine chases the stars
And is lost in a lyrical flow of light
  Resonating amidst the concert of darkness.

Here, all my quests end;
I have wandered far and wide,
And approached these limits
With a sense of lostness;
Still, what do I bank on
With a fearless spirit?

(another version by Rumela)

I will not light a lamp at my casement
I will sit and listen to the voice in the darkness

Let my body and mind melt into the night
In my heart-flower that blooms in secret
Let the scent of my sorrow stay concealed

My heart will vanish amidst the stars
Where light strums the lute of darkness

My day long quest has come to end
I have wandered off in the wrong direction
Now I am lost and know not where to go
Yet I hope and cling onto courage

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