Jul 26, 2011

I yearn to feel your joy

এই মোর সাধ
Ei mor shadh

I yearn to feel your joy
Resound throughout my life
In a grand symphony

Your skies, your lavish radiance
Let them not turn away
For lack of a welcoming heart
However small be the abode

Let all the seasons six*
Come and go as they please
Dancing their way into my heart
In adornments ever so new

Hindered be not your joy
By screens that wall off
My body, mind and soul

Let your joy be ablaze
Like a sacred fire
In my days of sorrow

Let your joy demolish
The weariness I feel
And burst forth in my work

* The six seasons in Bengal are
Grishsho (Summer)
Borsha (Monsoon)
Shorot (Autumn)
Hemonto (between Autumn and Winter)
Sheeth (Winter)
Boshonto (Spring)

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