Jul 3, 2011

My eyes seek in deep shadows

আমার নয়ন তব নয়নের নিবিড় ছায়ায়
Amar noyon tomar noyoner nibid chhayay

My eyes seek in deep shadows of your eyes
The blossom of deepest thoughts left unsaid
There in remote recesses deep distant
When did it lose its way?

With a fixed gaze it entreats the silent 
Finds not a trace of words concealed within
Like a child who cannot be shown reason
Wanders tearfully amidst the unknown

The words that hide within my heart
Do they cast the slightest shadow – upon your heart?
A lotus seat at my doorstep
I’ve drawn with the ink of my blood
Does it convey nothing at all?

Walking along the trails in your garden
I lay out my pain afloat in the breeze
With such hope the flute sends a message to the skies
Does no one understand?

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