Jul 4, 2011

My heart listens not to reason

আমার মন মানে না—দিনরজনী
Amar mon maane na (audio)

My heart listens not to reason
By day or night

In what remembrances
A thrill overwhelming
Races through my body
In what contemplations
Do my eyes overflow
With tears unabated

Those words so sweet
That gentle touch
And my body sings like a flute
I get lost in that melody
My heart distraught distracted
I know not why

What words waft in the winds?
Whose face I see in skies?
What pleasing tunes I hear
In murmurous woods rustling leaves
Cascading tinkles babbling brooks
The heady scents of fragrant flowers
Embrace me like a bosom friend
These thoughts
This affliction so sweet
This joyous eagerness of mine
At whose feet can I proffer

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