Jul 7, 2011

My thoughts

মোর ভাবনারে কী হাওয়ায়
Mor bhabonare ki haway (audio)

My thoughts gambol around
Intoxicated by which breeze
Sways my heart, sways for no reason
To a delightful thrill

My heart-sky is awash
With emotions so sweet
Dark dense clouds brimming
With fresh new drops of rain

I sight her not, even a glimpse
It is only in my mind I hear
There it sounds ever so often
Tinkling of anklet bells
That remain yet unseen

My secret dreams are enfolded
By an elusive gossamer
Tinged with a bluishness so new

Her loose tresses flutter
In breezy cloudiness
Casting shadows on earth
And pervading the skies

She has enthralled my heart
Stoking it to fervence
With the scent of rain-drenched flowers*
Wafting in from afar

* the specific flower mentioned in the original song is Ketaki known as screwpine in English


  1. Thank you so much :) Beautifully translated.

  2. Thank you so much for the translations. For a Probasi Bengali like me it is a wonderful way to connect with my roots. And also it has got me excited to learn to read and write the language! :)